The ancient philosophy of Vedanta contains the eternal principles of living. It consists of universal truths governing peace, productivity and ultimately, Self-realization. The Foundation is dedicated to teaching these principles to audiences in Canada and across the world irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, personal belief or other status.

The work of the Vedanta Cultural Foundation Canada is inspired by the teachings of Swami Parthasarathy, an internationally eminent philosopher widely acclaimed as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta. Swamiji's resolve to unearth the treasure of Vedanta has resulted in the following four avenues of service to humanity.

Situated in picturesque hills of Malavli near Mumbai in India, the Academy offers 3 years full time resi‚Äčdential program on Vedanta.


Select public lectures of Swamiji are webcast live. Their archives are available from time to time. 

The ancient wisdom of Vedanta, presented in contemporary language and thought by Swamiji in his books, DVDs talks and MP3 CDs.

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available on itunes. 

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Swami Parthasarathy has been a leading resource on Self Management offering seminars and residential retreats to the YPO, WPO and the like.


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Ranging from introductory talks on Vedanta to full length lectures on Vedanta texts, watch recordings of Swamiji's lectures.