A potent intellect,

a pure mind,

a peerless action.

This is Vedanta




The Sanskrit word ‘Vedanta’ is derived from two other words. ‘Veda’ means knowledge and ‘anta’ means culmination. Thus the term Vedanta simply means the culmination of wisdom. The knowledge of Vedanta presents the eternal principles of life and living. The universal application and rational approach in Vedanta appeals to all lovers of truth.

Vedanta educates on the human composition and functioning of each layer of personality - body, mind, intellect and the ego. It educates on the nature of world and the art of maintaining the right contact with the people, situations and the world around. Above all, the sublime philosophy of Vedanta sparks off the dormant subtle intellect to launch on a quest to discover your real Self.

Consistent pursuit of Vedanta empowers your intellect with clarity of thought. Your intellect gains strength to govern and direct your own mind towards the chosen pursuit in life. You then begin to integrate peace, progress and evolution without compromising one for the other.