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Rangarajan is a disciple of Swami Parthasarathy and a graduate from Vedanta Academy. He heads the Foundation in Canada, as its Vedanta resource.

Earlier to joining the Academy, he completed Professional Accounting education and Masters in Management, both with national distinctions. During his brief stint in management services industry, his quest for knowing the purpose of life lead him to meet Swamiji. He completed a 6 year full time residential Sadhana study under Swamiji at the Vedanta Academy. Inspired by the universal relevance of Vedanta, he is engaged in full time pursuit and facilitation of Vedanta in the last 20 years.

Rangarajan is an eminent resource on the lifestyle wellness wisdom of Vedanta in the GTA. His spontaneous ability to blend wit and wisdom renders his presentations strikingly educative, intellectually compelling and inspiring to launch on the study of Vedanta.

He also writes articles in newspapers and journals, highlighting the relevance of Vedanta to key issues in life. Some recent articles are listed below.