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Essence of Leadership

  • The National Club 303 Bay Street Toronto, M5H 2R1 (map)
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Learning Highlights

Leading the Way

Pursuit of an ideal

Incentives to Initiative

Objectivity in decision-making

Awareness and know-how to build the intellect

Swami Parthasarathy

A remarkable 92 year old philosopher‐thinker

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A world renowned philosopher-thinker. Author of 11 books including 3 bestsellers. Author of 'Governing Business & Relationships'.

  • Pioneered the concept of intellect vs. intelligence, self-management vs. external management, social work vs. social consciousness

  • Founder and chief lecturer of the Vedanta Academy, a unique educational institution designed to develop the intellect

  • Counsels international sports persons, artists and corporations on the technique of combining success with peace.

  • A Living Wisdom

    • working 365 days with no breaks for the last 60 years.

    • travels every alternate three weeks across 5 continents for 35 years.

    • 6 ft height, 68 KGs weight, 32 inches waist for the last 60 years.

    • wins man‐of‐the‐match awards for cricket with players a third his age.